Understanding anal sex

While there’s been a lot of misconception about and censure of sex in general in our society, no other form of sex has been tabooed like anal sex.

A lot of taboos, misconceptions have been paraded about anal sex. You may even think of anal sex as simply gay sex. But that is a misconception. Anal sex could happen between sexual partners no matter the sexuality. Anal sex isn’t necessarily penetration by the penis, penetration could happen with sex toys and fingers. Over the years, more sexual partners, regardless of sexuality, are beginning to explore this type of sex.

But you may have concerns about anal sex and this is what this article seeks to address: to provide answers to some of your concerns about anal sex to help you understand it in case it’s something you’d like to explore. The highlighted below could be some of your concerns.


Is it painful and would I bleed?

You may fear that you’d bleed and experience untold pain. It is a possibility. But do know that rough sex could cause bleeding and pain whether anal or vaginal sex. However unlike the vagina, the anus is not a self-lubricating organ, and thus there’s a higher chance of bleeding, this is why it’s advised and important that you use enough water-based lubricant.

You could also experience some discomfort your first time. But if properly done well and if you use enough lube, there’s no need to worry about pain. When you become accustomed to the sensation, the discomfort lessens and you’d be able to experience great pleasure


Is it Messy?

Sex is also not a hygiene adventure. All sexual encounters are messy. But if the worry is that sticking a finger or penis up a butthole would pull out shit, some biology lessons revealed that shit isn’t stored in the anus, it’s stored somewhere around the large intestine. So do not let that fear faze you or deny you the pleasure you desire. But you or your partner could douche even though it’s not necessary.


Would I be able to control bowel movements after?

Continued anal sex would only make you more comfortable with anal penetration.  It would make penetration easier. It does not in any way lead to anal collapse.


What about the risk of infection?

Unprotected sex could cause STI. However unprotected anal sex is much more likely to transmit HIV and other STIs than other forms of sex. It’s advised that you’re always condom-strapped up while having anal sex. It’s also imperative that you use enough lubricant as this is how you avoid friction that could cause tears that leaves one unprotected, and at the risk of being transmitted with an STI.

With proper precautions, you could find anal sex safe and enjoyable. But do remember that anal sex is another way to explore your sexuality. If you try it and you don’t like it, there are other ways to explore your body, have fun, and enjoy your partner. Be sure to be honest about the experience with your partner and then try other options.

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