Practicing safe anal sex

Anal sex isn’t a conventional type of sexual activity for a lot of people, especially heterosexual couples so it is important to stray safe while practising the sexual activity.

Anal sex is exciting,  fun and can be thoroughly enjoyed by you and your partner if it’s done well. Anal sex requires planning and preparation considering the fact that it could cause some discomfort and bleeding if it’s rough or when you do not properly lubricate. Be sure it’s something you and your partner wants, and prepare, this is the only way you’d enjoy and experience the wonderful pleasure it is.

Speak to your partner. Let them know that you’re interested in anal sex and exploring your bodies in that way. If they feel the same way, then it’s great and you could go ahead. Once that is checked, you can go ahead and plan and prepare.

Prepare Tips


While this isn’t very necessary, you can decide to douche if you worry that poop might be involved in anal sex. The possibility of poop is no lie. But also know that whether you douche or not, it could get dirty and messy, so prepare for the eventuality.


Clip Your Nails

Anal sex isn’t just phallic penetration. Fingers are also at play. Because you could cut or scratch your partner while at this and tear a delicate tissue of the anus that could lead to bleeding and of course, increase risk of bacterial infection, it’s advised that you clip your nails as short as possible.



Foreplay is part of anal sex preparation. It readies and relaxes the body for it which would help make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If you’re the one topping, occasionally check in on your partner and see if they’re still feeling it or want to withdraw.

Be slow especially if it’s the first time. Do not try full penis penetration. You could work up to that with fingers or a sex toy. The goal should be to make the experience as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.


Condom Use

Strap up or make your partner strap up a condom, you’re at greater risk of getting infected with an STI through anal sex than any other form of sexual activity. Condom use reduces the risk.



For ease, for a better ride, for better pleasure free of pain or discomfort, you’d require to use lube, water-based lubricant and enough of it. Water-based lubricant would reduce friction, won’t also break the condom you or your partner is wearing. Ensure you use enough.


Position Well

Some have found lying on their stomach with their partner behind them as a more comfortable way to enjoy anal sex. Missionary could also work for you. Doggy style is also a simple and comfortable position. The receiving partner can slowly back up onto the penetrating partner, and be the one in control of depth and pace. You might have to try out a number of these styles to discover which works best for you. Remember though, that it’s not an acrobatic or gymnastic competition, the aim should be the pleasure and comfortability of both you and your partner.

Do not forget to clean up when you’re done. Anal sex is fun and enjoyable, and that should be the intended goal of wanting the experience. It can also lead to orgasm.  It stimulates the prostate gland in men which leads to what is called “prostate orgasm”. But do remember that the goal is to pleasure and be pleasured by your partner, and this can be achieved only when you communicate, prepare and plan for it.

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