Why your period should not prevent amazing sex

“Period sex? Eww! Can never be me.” Admit it. That’s very likely the first thought that crossed your mind when you read this headline.

For some, period sex elicits a feeling of disgust, and even the most adventurous of us may consider it a tad messy to dabble into. However we feel about it, and no matter how far from it we try to run, there will be that moment in our relationship or marriage where we will need to discuss period sex. And now might be a good time to start.


Why do you find period sex so repulsive?

You’re a guy, and despite the amount of information on the internet about women and their bodies, you still shrink from talking about periods. You won’t speak of it, you can’t be caught breathing close to a sanitary pad, and you avoid your partner when it’s that time of the month.

Or you’re a girl and your own blood grosses you out so much you won’t let your partner come close when you’re menstruating. You think it’s dirty and you’re afraid your partner will never see you the same way again once he comes in contact with blood from your vagina.

Or both of you are just worried about the consequences of period sex for your health.

Whatever you feel, here are three quick facts you should know before we continue:

  1. Period sex is sex. Period!
  2. Menstrual blood is not dirty.
  3. The decision to have period sex is ultimately yours to make.
  • Period sex is just as safe as any sex

    And it can be as unsafe as non-period sex. It is recommended that you practice safe sex by using one form of protection or another, and this applies to period sex as it does to sex at every other time of the month. So before you have period sex, discuss its safety with your partner. Start by knowing their HIV and STI status, and if you do not know their status, use a condom.

  • Period sex doesn’t have to be messy

    You may have a picture in your head that is entirely different from what the reality of period sex is. No, there will not be an outpouring of red liquid; it will not be that bloody. If you and your partner choose to do it when her flow is heavy, you can place a dark-coloured piece of clothing on the surface you plan to use. You can also use the tiled floor of your home as it allows you to wipe off the bloodstains easily. Better yet, you can do it in the shower. Or you can both wait till her flow is lighter so you won’t have so much cleaning up to do

  • Period sex can be pleasurable

    As a woman, your libido is very likely to increase when on your period. Women generally have tendencies of increased sex drive during ovulation which is typically two weeks before their period. The hornier you are, the more pleasurable the sex, so why not take advantage? 

  • Period sex should be consensual

    Just like non-period sex, partners should talk about sex during menstruation and ensure that both parties are willing and comfortable to go ahead. If you are both trying it for the first time, you must stay conscious of verbal and non-verbal cues to discontinue.

“So, period sex? I don’t see a problem. Let’s do this.”

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