A Guide To Sending Nudes

You might have experienced it before. You are texting someone you really like and the next thing they ask you to send a nude picture or video. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here is your guide to sending nudes on the internet.

People are horny, and with the coronavirus, the lockdown and subsequent social distancing, horniness has been at an all-time high. Our phones being the major companions, especially for those people who live alone, nudes, traps and everything in between are being exchanged between young people, at a higher rate. Like every other sexual activity, it is imperative to stay safe even while sexting.

  • Consent

    If you are going to share your nudes with anyone via the internet, make sure you are completely comfortable with the idea and you trust the recipient. Do not be manipulated or coerced into taking and sharing nudes, do it only if you’re completely comfortable with it and you trust your partner. Don’t show your face unless you trust this person, but as I said before, you shouldn’t be sharing your nudes with someone you don’t trust anyway.

  • Explore interesting angles

    Do you know how you can find flattering angles when you take selfies? Look for them when taking nudes. It’s guaranteed to create some Michelangelo level art.

  • Harness the power of light

    Never underestimate the power of great lighting. Know what to avoid: harsh, overhead lighting, your phone’s flash. Try using: natural light filtered with a sheer curtain, a table lamp or any other form of moody lighting.

  • Use your timer

    No mirror? No problem. Use a tripod, pose and let your camera timer do the rest. If you don’t have a tripod, handling your phone against any object on a table or stool. This is a great way to explore different angles and poses.

  • Less is more

    Sometimes taking photos with a suggestion is better than being completely naked. Try teasing, traps which can work better/faster than full-on nudes.

  • Take as many as possible!

    This is pretty much self-explanatory. Build your stash, be creative!

These are a few suggestions on how to take the best nudes. Remember to always be safe and be sure the person you are sending them to is someone you can trust.

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