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Five tips for buying sex toys

A lot of people who wish to explore other ways of sexual satisfaction, do not want to have to find partners that they will have to teach everything, including the right angles and movements, to get them sexually satisfied.

They either do not have the patience, do not know how to teach or would rather find pleasure by themselves. In such cases, sex experts will advise these people to opt for sex toys, in the privacy of their homes. However, sex toys also need careful instructions or you may just be wasting your time and botching your sexual experience.

Learning what works for you and how to use them is perhaps the first step to improving your sex life with sex toys. One thing to note, however, is that it’s way better to shop for sex toys offline, so you can see actual sizes and also feel them.

  • Know your body

    Find out your sensitive spots (G-spot). It is important to first discover what angles work, especially for penetration. A most effective way of finding out is using your fingers. That way, you can measure accurately and be sure that whatever toy you buy is designed to reach those spots. There are straight and curved penetrative toys, designed to always touch your g-spot during penetration. Do not hold back, because this is for your own pleasure and only you can unlock your own sexual satisfaction. Self-exploration is key.

  • Find out about the products from feedback

    You can easily go online if you’re curious about a product and you will find reviews from different users, on the product. Find out its effectiveness, what it feels like for others, the advantages and disadvantages and the range of functions the product offers. That way, you’re not walking blindly into a territory you’ve never explored before. Another reason to do this is that there are a lot of fake sex toys on the market. They either don’t work for long or are made with poor materials that can be dangerous to your body. You do not want your first experience to land you in an emergency room. Ask questions, check online (there are always answers online, depending on where you look) and make sure your vendor is legitimate.

  • Compatibility

    Sex toys are made with a variety of materials that can sometimes not function as you’d like because of the way they feel against your skin. Penetrative sex toys especially are made with different materials; metal, glass, hard plastic, wood, jelly (rubber and PVC), and silicone. You must first find out which feels better to you before purchasing one. It is very important to not have a toy that is a huge discomfort to your body, otherwise, the purpose is defeated. Most people opt for silicone because it feels like the real thing and so most experts will suggest that, but only you can decide what’s best for your body.

  • Lubrication

    Penetrative sex toys require lubrication a lot of times because it eases the in-out movements and makes them less abrasive against your skin. Always ask an expert for the best lubricant to use and be sure to check that your chosen lubricant does not irritate your skin. Some people are allergic to certain lubricants, so they are advised to opt for lubricants that cause zero irritation. There are two types of lubricants; Oil-based and water-based. Ask someone who knows about them before you purchase. Find ways to test them before use, so you don’t go in blindly. With silicone toys, it’s best to use silicone lubes but for a safer experience.

  • Research and consultation

    For first-timers or anyone at all who needs to find out about sex toys, your best friend is research. Ask questions, consult professionals, seek safe ways to explore these toys. If you’re too shy to do it in person, there are several sites and pages online that you can visit and find out more for yourself. It will be a waste to not be satisfied with sex with partners and still have the same problems with sex toys that you can control.

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