Five simple ways to make a kiss memorable

What is in a kiss? A simple lip locking and sometimes complicated tongue thrusting, deep throating manoeuvre that is a part of the intimacy game, is usually the beginning of foreplay and initiator of sex between two people in a romantic relationship.

The sensual nature of a kiss should make it memorable, and something a person should look forward to sharing with their significant other; it should ignite a longing and create a desire for more intimacy and sex. Here are five simple ways to transform a simple act of foreplay to a memorable mark of intimacy between you and your lover.

  • Keep your breath fresh

    You want to look nice, smell nice, clean up good, and have a good taste on your breath – it’s the first thing your significant other will notice when you step up and speak to them, it may even be the last thing they’d remember after it’s all done. If you want to impress, keep it nice and sweet with breath fresheners, and if you decide to use mints, try not to leave a strong taste in your mouth, this can be distracting.

  • Lean in and slant your head to the side

    Technique is everything, let the first approach be slow and gentle. It creates a mood for longing, it also helps you to avoid any head butts while your faces align in an angle that allows for seamless communication between the two lips, after all its an intimate session, not a rumble.

  • Always start with a lip

    Don’t go at your partner with straight-up tongue action, grab a lip first – lower or upper depending on your differences in height; if you are taller, go for the lower lip first as it appears as though to bring the person to your level, if you are shorter aim for the higher lip like you are reaching out for them. Introduce the tongue in little bits, playing over the lips a little before going in around to feel your partner’s tongue.

  • Keep the saliva to a minimum (unless it is your thing)

    Try not to exchange too much fluid around the mouth, it can make the lips sloppy and pour out the sides, this could be a huge turn-off. A passionate kiss does not always have to be a very wet one, you just need a little to make your lip-locking smooth, not greasy.

  • Use your hands

    The essential twist a touch brings to a kiss is worth all the “feels”; slowly move a hand to your partner’s neck, cup their cheeks, or gently grab the back of their head and sensually register the experience in their memory.

We would love to hear any of your memorable kissing experiences, and any additional tips you think make for an enjoyable intimate lip-lock session. Or perhaps you leaned in and the response was not quite what you expected, what do you think went wrong? Share that with us too. You can also reach out to our Moderators on our Facebook Page and we will respond.

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