A comprehensive guide to giving awesome head

For many people, oral sex is very important in sexual intercourse and we have come up with a guide to help you and your partner have the best oral sex experience.

For a lot of couples, oral sex is the most important and pleasurable part of their sex life. For others, it is a topic to never discuss and an act to never consider. People who form the latter group may have had unpleasant oral sex experiences such as their partner biting hard on or spitting all over their genitals.

Men and women alike have had very unfortunate oral sex experiences that could make them vow to never attempt it again. But this article will focus on how to help men reach the heights of sexual satisfaction when they receive head. As a giver, you are tasked with two core responsibilities: making him want more and making sure you enjoy it.

  • Be creative

    The conventional blowjob position is kneeling down, but there are loads of other positions to try with your partner. And they don’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable! It could be as easy as having him lay on the bed with his head propped up with pillows while you lay in between his legs and get the work done. You could also lay on the bed and have your head propped up while he thrusts his penis in your mouth. Just make sure both of you agree on the position you want to take.

  • Do not rush

    If you and your partner have enough time to explore, then you need not be in a hurry to get it done with. Both of you can start with your clothes on with the initial stages of foreplay–kissing and touching. You can build some excitement by running your fingers along his penis, then making your way slowly to get it out of his pants. You realize that his penis is sufficiently hard and ready to be taken on.

  • Use your tongue

    This is a function of his size. A larger penis will make it less possible for you to move your tongue around so you will be left with no choice but to occasionally take it out and get your tongue working. Lick the tip, shaft, balls and if you need to get freaky, the hole of his anus. Also, there is magic in slightly squeezing his balls while you suck his penis. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact while you do all these.

  • Keep your teeth in check

    Please, please, and please. You are giving head to your partner so he can enjoy and be pleasured. Pain is never part of the plan. You do not want to be remembered as the one who left teeth marks on their partner’s penis so avoid every form of teeth-to-skin contact. The penis is sensitive. When you suck on it aggressively, you will end up hurting your partner. So, take it slow, use your lips to guard your teeth against doing damage.

  • Talk through it

    This is not saying you should bore your partner with long talks in-between sucking but take a few seconds off to express how they taste and how it makes you feel. It is a turn-on. If the penis is so good, it is driving you crazy, please say so while you can. Your words will encourage your partner to also express how he feels. You can get instant feedback on how good (or bad) you are doing. Imagine hearing words like “I love it when you lick my balls” … imagine that!

  • Use your hands

    To be honest, your mouth will get tired. Once your jaw starts to hurt, know it’s time to switch to your hands. Rock the penis, flip it mildly from side to side, tug on it, stroke it, just do what you can to keep the momentum high while you relax your mouth.

  • Get tested first

    Finally, be aware that STIs can be transmitted through oral sex. So ensure you and your partner get tested and are aware of each other’s sexual health status.

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