Tips and tricks to keep an erection for longer

It could be stress-related or even performance anxiety – not to worry, these tips will help you maintain your erections and enhance your sex life.

You might think that getting and keeping an erection for longer is an old people problem. This would normally be true, but many young guys are leading certain lifestyles that are making them susceptible to this sexual condition that could be sometimes embarrassing.

Not being able to keep an erection while having sex with a partner or loved one is not the best way to start your day or end it for that matter. The kind of deep thinking that follows a failed sexual attempt, one would think that a massive life-changing event has occurred, and for all intents and purposes, it has. Issues like this are known to even affect not only the self-esteem but the mental health of the individual who has experienced this.

All hope is not lost though, there are a few steps that you can take to keep your partner happy and banish “God, why me?” thoughts from your mind. Keep reading to learn more about these tips:

  • Take Care Of Your Heart

    The mechanism of an erection is tightly related to blood flow. Your penis enlarges during an erection because a lot of blood is being diverted from the whole body to the spongy tissues there, where it is soaked up making the penis hard and erect.

    It also makes sense that anything that messes with your blood flow might eventually affect how long you can keep your erection. Having said this, it is a good idea to take care of your heart; exercise regularly, try to keep your weight down, eat and drink healthy, don’t smoke, have a healthy lifestyle generally. Your penis will be glad you did.

  • Catch A Shut-Eye

    You are a busy man, you go to work all day, you come home and still have to work until 3 am. Then when you are ready to have sex with your consenting partner, your little guy refuses to wake up. Sounds familiar? Well, your lack of sleep can be a factor.

    It increases your stress level, which is never good for your libido, and it is also connected to low testosterone production. So if you want to make sure that you are ready to go on a wild ride with your partner, try to get your beauty sleep.

  • Protect your mental health

    Unhealthy stress levels will definitely affect your erection and your sex life in the long run. What is that issue weighing on your mind? How is your mental health? Your mental state can have an impact on your physical body and this includes your sex life. Seek out professional help and follow the steps given. Great mental health is important for your physical health and ultimately, your sex life.

You can see that having your “gbola” fall like a pack of cards during sex is not a cause for panic; you can manage it and get better. God no go shame us.

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