What are the Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy

If you just discovered that you are pregnant, and you are not ready to be a parent, it is okay to feel stressed, scared, and worried. It is surely going to be an emotional journey, but still, you would need to take a deep breath and figure out your options.

The first thing to do in a situation like this is to take a pregnancy test to confirm if you truly are pregnant. Once it’s confirmed that you are indeed pregnant, you would need to begin to take care of yourself and the pregnancy, even if you are still undecided about keeping it.

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is surely challenging, but one step to coping with is accepting that you are pregnant. It will help you process the frustration, anger, or whatever other emotion you might feel. Here are a few suggestions for finding help,


Speak to Family and Friends

You would need to speak to your family and friends. You shouldn’t go through pregnancy alone. If you’re married or in a relationship, speaking with your partner and exploring your options with them could also help. You need to surround yourself with a support group that would be there for you in this time of need.


Medical Professionals and Pregnancy Centres

Whether you are keeping the pregnancy or not, it is important, that you seek medical guidance. You would need to check the progress of the pregnancy, ensure that you are in good health in order to avoid complications and ensure a healthy pregnancy. And these can only be achieved with the help of medical professionals.

Your local antenatal centres can also be of help. They usually offer resources such as pregnancy tests, ultrasound, prenatal care, and other medical resources and information.


Other Mothers

A lot of mothers have been in a similar situation just as you are and speaking with them may help you find the courage to cope with the unplanned pregnancy. Even though your pregnancy experience may not be the same, it will be helpful talking to people who have already been through it.


Unplanned Pregnancy Options

Once you have come to terms with being pregnant, you would now be ready to decide on what to do with the pregnancy. There are three options to decide on: parenting, abortion, and adoption. . Here are a few questions you would need to consider to help you make your decision:

  • Parenting:

    Am I ready to be a mother? Am I financially ready to take care of a child? Am I mentally ready to be a parent? Would I get help in raising the kid?

  • Abortion:

    Abortion is frowned upon in our society due to our cultural and religious beliefs, so it is okay to feel some guilt even about just thinking of this option. But you would need to decide for yourself if you are ready to be a parent and make a decision.

  • Adoption:

    You need to consider if you would choose the family for yourself. If you might ever want to see the baby again. Also, consider that you’re giving the baby up to its new parents.

You should consult a doctor, a counsellor, or even an adoption professional to learn more about each of your options. They can help put things in perspective when making the decision that is best for you. You may discover after overcoming the initial shock of your unplanned pregnancy that you are hopeful and excited about the opportunity to raise a child. 

Or, while going through your options and coping with an unplanned pregnancy, you may find that adoption or abortion is a better option with your unplanned pregnancy at the moment— and that’s okay.


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