How to navigate sex during pregnancy

Many women always ask about the possibilities of having sex when they are expecting as a lot of them worry about hurting the baby. Do you have similar or the same questions? Not to worry, we got you covered.

It can be a bit tricky having sex while pregnant, but doctors have stated it’s not only safe, it is also good for you. Especially from your second trimester, as the worst of the morning sickness will have reduced considerably, in most women. Orgasms got during pregnancy help calm the hormones and help with increasing cardiovascular blood flow, which in turn help the baby. By the third trimester, the belly will have grown visibly and that’s the period where navigating sex can become complicated, but it’s not hopeless. Also, a lot of women get better orgasms during pregnancy, because of the hormones.


To navigate sex during pregnancy, here are some things to consider;

– Sexual appetite and libido may increase during pregnancy, because the blood flow increases and the blood goes to the pelvis, vagina, clitoris and vulva, and the effects vary. The entire body may become a lot more sensitive.

– The vagina can become less tight during pregnancy, due to hormones, so penetration may cause some discomfort, hence a lot of foreplay is advisable.

– The entire body may also become a lot more sensitive, so touch of any sort has to be carefully done.

– Always avoid pressing against the bump, whatever you do. And try all positions gently.

With all these considered, there is one thing to remember; due to the growing bump, missionary position is completely ruled out. But not to worry, there are many other ways to get satisfaction. Eight(8) options are outlined below;


  1. Oral sex; This is the easiest form of sex during pregnancy because the pregnant woman does not need to assume a particular position and her body will respond faster, due to its sensitivity.
  2. Manual sex; This is easily achieved using hands or sex toys on the sensitive spots, to bring one to an orgasm and can also serve as foreplay if penetration is still on the table.
  3. Both partners can stand, with the woman’s back to her partner, so he penetrates from the back like in the doggy style position. One problem with this position, however, is the weight on her feet.
  4. Penetration from behind; This works excellently because it doesn’t push against the bump, thereby creating discomfort for the woman. Depth of penetration should, however, be controlled so the penis doesn’t bump against the cervix. Pillows can be used to create padding and general comfort for this.
  5. The woman can be on top; This makes it easier for her to control the penetration according to the distance from her cervix and also put the bump away from contact with her partner.
  6. The reverse cowgirl; This also has the same advantage as her sitting on her partner. Also works great for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. She can rest her weight in her hands in this position.
  7. Spooning; This is another very comfortable position and perhaps the best position, as it is the advisable way the pregnant woman should lay down at any time. Penetration also works great from this angle. Her partner can also easily run her clitoris in this position, to create better stimulation.
  8. Anal sex is also a safe option during pregnancy. It can be achieved in a doggy style position, in a spooning position or while standing. Always use lube, start with a lot of foreplay and penetration should be slow.

Note: Always check with your doctor if you’re not sure, but in most cases, any doctor will okay sex during pregnancy.


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