Finding out you’re pregnant can be a joy or a nightmare, depending on your situation. If you’re pregnant by accident, or your partner is, what next? In this section, you can find out what your options are and learn what happens to the body during pregnancy.


What is PrEP?

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) helps to prevent individuals from new HIV infections. Here is all you need to know about PrEP.

How to maintain a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancies can be tricky, as each comes with a different challenge. It's important to be as thorough as possible when dealing with any pregnancy, as the smallest detail can make a whole difference.

Everything you need to know about Body Odour

Body odours, the unpleasant smell that bodies, or parts of one's bodies — pubic region, armpits, mouths, feet — give off, don't need a definition. There's a likelihood that you have already experienced it — gone on a date or had sex with someone who had a body odour.

How to shoot your shot online

Meeting new people isn't always easy especially when you want to ask them out on a date. We know sliding into DMs can be tasking so we have come up with tips to help you shoot your shot online.

What is a Rainbow baby?

You may have come across the term rainbow baby in various articles or in conversations. But what does it mean to have a rainbow baby and why are they special?