How to be happy in your own skin

It is normal to have insecure feelings towards one’s body. Daily, we are fed with images in the media, that depict what the ideal man and woman should look like. Even advertising on obscure items such as drugs and food labels channel body imaging in their labels and marketing materials.

A research team came up with a list of the most perfect men in the world, listing the parameters that made them stand out and adding tips on how readers could work out their attractiveness coefficient. It was as though the pressure from magazine cover spreads, movie and film leading men and ladies, and runway magazine features are not enough to drain one of self-confidence already.

The burden to look and feel perfect is one that plagues men and women, and a debasing trend that is impressed upon young and old. It is possible to be positive and happy in one’s skin, the secret is hinged on building self-confidence by doing some simple things:

  • Positive Affirmations

    You are your biggest cheerleader; you must learn to wake up and speak positive words to yourself. Imagine waking up every day and saying ‘You have such bright beautiful eyes’ or ‘Your skin is like rich chocolatey caramel’ to yourself, it helps when this is done daily, preferably in front of a mirror. “These repetitive words and phrases are merely methods of convincing the subconscious mind.” – Claude M. Bristol

  • Focus on the high points

    Find the parts of your body you love the most – eyes, nose, hair, skin, fingers, waist, breasts, and even the teeth – and make your affirmations about these parts. I love my lips, my skin, my legs, and I absolutely love my feet.

  • Speak positively to others and encourage positive speech towards yourself

    There’s a hack about compliments that when given, make both the receiver and the giver feel good. If you see something positive about a friend, say it; it just might be the boost they need at the time.

  • Dress comfortably

    Wear clothes that make you happy, find colours that suit you, and pick pieces that flatter the positive areas of your body.

  • Avoid following trends

    There’s no rule that says the spring or summer collection must be adopted by everyone. If you feel at your best in something that isn’t listed in the top 10 fashion pieces, wear that and keep your head up.

  • Indulge in some alone time

    Spend some time in your own company; read a book, buy yourself a drink or go for a walk. You can get to know yourself enough to know the kind of company you desire in other people.

There must be so many other ways that people can make themselves happy in their own skin; how do you handle your body image issues? Share the tips that have worked for you, someone somewhere may just need that exact point to boost their own confidence.

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