Is your Quarantineship real?

Coronavirus is slowly becoming the reality of lots of people all over the world. The virus made it necessary for a total lockdown in many countries, and Nigeria did not escape the lockdown train.

As can be expected of people that are almost always active and mobile, the lockdown hit Nigerians especially hard. Suddenly there was no more hanging out with friends at bars watching football matches, no more clubbing, or even going to work. Boredom set in, even Lagosians started missing third mainland bridge traffic. Yes, it was that bad.

In this situation, something had to give and folks found a way to deal with the lockdown by going into something we are calling a quarantineship. This means developing a relationship while in quarantine/lockdown. Sometimes it is with someone that you like and have been crushing on for a while and other times it is with someone that you would normally not hang with.

Some of these relationships (or is it situationships?) started during that period of forced social distancing. But now that the lockdown is gradually easing and life is going back to normal, eyes are beginning to clear up, and these quarantineships are being put under the spotlight. The questions to be asked are- would they hold up under scrutiny? How can you know if you made the right choice texting that old flame? Well, let’s find out, shall we?


How To Know If Your Quarantineship Is Real

Okay, you are already quite deep in this quarantineship thing and you are not sure you made the right call going into it at all. The boredom of the lockdown might have played a major part in how things turned out and you are not very sure if you really like them now that it is all over. You don’t know if, like the lockdown, your quarantineship is bound to fade away. Well, let us try and help you figure it out.

  • Have you suddenly lost interest?

    One sure way of knowing if your quarantineship will work after lockdown is if your interest in that guy or girl is still going strong. Are you still excited about being with them? Does the thought of talking to them make you smile or do you have to force interest? Well, this one is kinda straightforward, you know which it should be.

  • Are you suddenly too busy for them?

    When you had all the time in the world, you spent the whole day with them, you called all night, chatted all day. Now that you have gotten busier and maybe started going to work again, do you still find the time to communicate?

    If your answer is YES, then you are in a really sweet spot with your quarantineship and it can actually lead to something amazing. If it is no, then you were most likely just trying to fill the silence, not looking for a relationship.

  • Do you want to see them?

    This might sound simple but it is a valid question. When you were all locked up in your houses, you probably only did the online thing, right? Now that you can go out, do you feel excited seeing them in person? Or do you shrivel up at the thought?

There you have it folks, your quarantineship litmus test. Relationships that last are usually based on a solid foundation of mutual interest and respect. If your quarantineship happened because you were tired of #dontrushchallenge and needed something or someone to take up your time, you might want to take a second look at it, make sure your quarantineship egungun is not approaching the express.

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