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COVID-19 friendly date ideas for you and your partner

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many young people have felt limited with options on how to have exciting dates through the pandemic. However, here are some ideas you can check out with your partner.

Tola and Jeremy have been getting to know each other for a while since he slid into her DMs on twitter just before the pandemic hit. The connection between them was building and has survived the hurdle of lockdown and physical separation. The next step was for them to go on a date and explore their chemistry physically. The only impediment was the lack of date options available in these times.

As already widely known, lockdown and social distancing was a primary response to the pandemic, and many businesses, restaurants, bars, parks and other hangout spots like cinemas are yet to re-open. Thus, even though there is an illusion of return to normal, there is still a lot of apprehension, and rightfully so.

  • Dinner at home

    This is a great idea for more culinary inclined couples. To make it more fun, we suggest recipe shopping together (please remember to be safe) and prepping the meal together. The time and cooperation these activities require will do wonders for your relationship. You can also order-in if you would rather not cook; but consider going the whole mile with starters, main menu and dessert, dig in on the conversation and if you please – wine.

  • Movie night

    This is a great idea where you both crave intimacy without necessarily needing the chitchats. The absence of the need to fill up silent moments with words is characteristic of a healthy relationship. So, pop in a movie, cuddle up with some popcorn and let the moment determine its vibe.

  • Indoor games

    If you and your significant other are competitive, there is no harm in enjoying some games. There are many indoor games such as video games, scrabble, chess or some good old karaoke that can help satisfy your love for competition as well and foster bonding. More focus on the bonding than competition though, nobody likes a sour sport.

  • Picnic

    Feeling cooped up inside? No worries, we suggest a picnic. The combination of food, pastries, cheese, fruit, drinks and fresh outdoor air is bound to have you falling in love in no time. Pick a secluded spot around you and share a lovely time together.

  • Get creative

    Staying indoors does not have to be boring, all you need is a little imagination. Talk about the creative things you are both good at and make a date to do them. Painting, crocheting, singing, dancing, anything at all. You can also make a little game out of it and see who does it best. Take pictures and videos to cement these moments in history.

  • Take a drive together

    For people who love to drive, this is a fantastic COVID-19 date idea. The pandemic has given the blessing of free traffic and what better time to cruise around with your beloved? Listen to music on the radio, reminisce and just drive around with no destination. You are sure to have the best times.

  • Workout together

    Corona has no doubt moved a lot of people a few sizes up and most are just gearing up to shed the lockdown weight. Partner up with your lover to bring this idea to fruition. The plan combines the need to be together with the desire to workout and it is perfect for more athletic couples or even lazy ones. Set a time, place, put on your running shoes and get to it!

No matter the activity you decide to do, the important thing is doing it together, having the best time and getting to know each other better. The best way to survive the pandemic, mentally, psychologically and physically is to stay safe while still being connected to our loved ones.

If you have more questions on how you can keep the flame in your relationship through this pandemic, kindly reach out to our Moderators on our Facebook Page and we will respond.

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