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Things to keep in mind before moving in together

For many people who’ve been in a relationship for a reasonable amount of time and are convinced in one way or another that they are with the right person, moving in together is often a natural possibility.

There are various reasons why any couple would decide to share the same space, and these reasons range from the need to be closer to each other to current finances, or even a testing ground for when you both decide to settle down.

Whatever the reasons are, it is important to keep a few things in mind before moving in together, in that it could make or break your relationship.

  • Be genuinely ready to move In together

    Some situations could pressure you to have to move in together, and while these situations could be dire, it is not advisable to shack up for too long, when you both are not mentally, financially and physically ready for that kind of commitment. Sharing a space with anyone, even the love of your life must be a decision you both should make when you are prepared to deal with the other’s differences and the disagreements that come with it.

  • Be open to making compromises

    People have different wants, desires and visions for where and how they want to live. Sometimes, it is not very likely that you both share the same sentiments so it is crucial for you both to be able to make compromises. Trying to live with someone means accommodating some of that person’s needs, just as the person is expected to understand and respect yours. For example, you might be out for a low-cost housing plan with simple, spare furnishings, while your partner shares completely opposite desires. Still, there isĀ  a way to arrive at a middle ground where each person’s needs are represented as much as possible.

  • Understand that you can never have it all

    Following the need to compromise, it is important to understand that the decision to live with your partner is one that would not only take you out of some of your comfort zone but introduce you to new ones. Rooted in this understanding is the fact that you no longer live alone, and shouldn’t expect to live like you do as it could cause a rift between you two.

  • Be a couple that talks about everything, especially money

    You both must be comfortable about discussing some of your personal secrets i.e a bad spending habit or an apathy to doing your laundry on time, but being able to talk about your personal finances is even more necessary as it will affect everything from rent, to food, upkeep e.t.c. Drawing up a flexible but fair financial plan for each other to follow will surely make living together possible.

  • Try sharing a space temporarily

    The best way to know if you both can cohabit for a long time, hopefully, is to try and spend time together in the same space for a short period of time. To start with, you can spend a few weeks in each other’s place to see how you both fare and to understand your partner’s domestic characteristics better. This way, moving in together would be relatively seamless.

  • Have a backup plan

    In as much as you both are convinced sharing space is the right thing to do, having a backup plan for just in case it doesn’t work out, is a healthy idea. This would make it possible for each of you to be able to retain a sense of independence while learning to cohabit.

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