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Relationship Milestones: Should you celebrate everything?

At one point or the other in your life, you or someone you know has been labelled part of that “annoyingly in love couple”. The ones that post pictures of their significant other every day on social media with captions like “Every day with you is heavenly” or “I am so lucky to have you my LOML *heart emoji”.

Celebrating milestones is a way some people in relationships show love and care for themselves. You would probably agree that this in and of itself is a healthy practice and it is important in marking time and progress in a relationship, as well as creating new memories. Good, so know that celebrating milestones in a relationship is good, but the question is when does it become too much? Which milestones are worth celebrating and which are just plain unnecessary?

Interesting question huh? Obviously, relationship anniversaries are like the major relationship milestones to celebrate. Birthdays are also a good one, you do not want to forget the birthday of your significant other. There are people that have scars to remind them of that fact.

Moving away from the mainstream, during my research, I heard some really interesting relationship milestones that some people celebrate. Some of the more relatively less weird milestones include the anniversary of the first time you kissed your partner or the first time you said the love word to each other or maybe even the first time you had sex. These will still score mildly on the weird scale index, but the following will definitely score very high.

In the Nigerian context, some of these little milestones can get really creative, yet silly. Have you ever celebrated or know someone that celebrated the anniversary of the first time y’all met in traffic? Like the first time you “jammed” your significant other in traffic. Yes, I know you are laughing, but this is a thing. Lagos folks would definitely relate more than people from other cities, we hail una our Lagos readers!

Another one you might find fascinating is celebrating the anniversary of the first time you peed in front of each other. Ridiculous huh!? But then, there are no rules to this dating thing, different couples can choose whatever silly events that they can think of to celebrate. The real question is that, is this healthy?

As far as relationships go, there are indeed different strokes for different folks. You can choose to celebrate the little things or not, it does not mean your relationship will be better off or worse off. But you should do whatever works best for your relationship. If you feel like it is important for you and your partner to celebrate the anniversary of your first time seeing a movie together, then by all means do!

You should also remember that when you are in love, these silly anniversaries and milestone celebrations do not seem so silly. To you, they are cute and fun, although it is possible you might not feel the same way when you are out of that relationship. You will start wondering how you ever found it cute to celebrate the first time you and your ex gave each other hickeys.

That is what love does to people; it makes you live in the moment, to find joy in the little things. If you are lucky to have found this kind of love, go ahead and celebrate as many milestones as you want. 

And celebrating does not even have to be a big deal, or cost much or involve gifts. It could just be an acknowledgement of that special moment and how that moment has strengthened your love. After all, love is a beautiful thing.

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