How to Celebrate Valentine During a Pandemic

The unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic riddling the world had necessitated a lifestyle change in many areas of life, including our relationships. As the season of love draws near, here are ways you can celebrate that special day with your partner.

Last year had saddled humans with worry and panic over what the future holds, with the weeks in lockdown turning into months, and now, it is over a year of living with the COVID-19 virus and adapting to new life conditions. Many have now embraced the new normal and have shaped their lives to adapt to safety COVID-19 precautions—wearing masks, washing hands regularly and using sanitisers, and social distancing in public places.

Couples have also been especially impacted by this pandemic, weddings have been postponed or held over zoom with family members and friends tuning in, some have forgone grand occasions for a smaller and intimate affair. Valentine would soon be here and you might be wondering of COVID-19 safety compliant ways to make this special day really special for you and your partner. Here are a few suggestions from Love Matters Naija:

  • Netflix and Chill

    A perfect date can involve watching  Netflix, Showmax or YouTube while cuddling with your significant order. There are tons of romantic movies on these streaming platforms that you could see together and might even help you pick up one or two novel ideas to help spice up on your own relationship. You could see one of the classic romcoms featuring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, or if you are big on Nollywood, the ones starring Genevieve Nnaji and Ramsey Nouah, it would surely be a lot of fun relishing nostalgia watching these films. In the eventuality, that you and your significant order live in different cities and would not be spending the valentine together, you could plan a Netflix watch party.

  • Plan a Romantic Dinner Date at Your Home

    Dinner at your home might not seem like the most romantic thing to do, but you could reinvent it to be one. One of the ways to do this might be cooking a special meal with your partner. Think of that special dish you have always wanted to make. Now, is the time to do it. It might not turn out as good as the one you ate at that fancy restaurant or like the one you saw on Sisi Yemmie’s YouTube channel. It could turn out to be a disaster even, but it wouldn’t matter. What matters is that you and your partner had fun and got to spend quality time together.

    If the meal you made is so inedible, you can always order takeaway. Look for a restaurant or even a fast food joint and try something new on their menu.

  • Take a Walk or Hike

    If you live in a city like Enugu or Abuja, there are many tourist sites you could hike to, from mountain tops to waterfalls. Nothing trumps experiencing these scenic, beautiful locations with someone you love. You might also find a casual walk around your estate or street very refreshing. You could also go along with a picnic. You would find joy spending quiet time with your partner. Remember, Valentine day is that day to relax, forget work hassles, and concentrate on your relationship.


  • Surprise Your Partner with Gifts

    Valentines is a holiday to show love and affection, what better way to do this than buying your partner thoughtful gifts. Do they like perfumes? Would they appreciate a new gadget? You know your partner best and know what they would appreciate, so surprise them with gifts. If you cannot be with them in person, you can have it delivered to their home.

  • Have Sex

    Most times, the romantic gestures mentioned above lead to kisses and hugs, then sex. Having sex is another quality and intimate way to spend time with your partner. You can also make sex on this day special by trying out a new style or technique that could improve your sex life, as long you are safe and you are both consenting adults.

Whatever you do this valentine, do remember that Corona is outside, and what is important is that you and your partner are safe and that you spent quality time together.

If you have more questions on how to enjoy Valentine’s Day despite the pandemic, kindly reach out to our Moderators on our Facebook Page and we will respond.

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