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Should you take them back?

This is a very common question that folks in failed relationships have asked. People think about the memories created in the old relationship and wonder if they would want to rekindle the flames for old times sake.

What a lot of folks find hard to deal with when it comes to failed relationships is the time spent and how there is no getting that back. They believe they have devoted affections and my time to their partners and turned down experiences that had the potential to hurt the relationship.

How do you know when it is a waste of time to try again? Here are some truths when considering rekindling a relationship.

  • Genuine remorse

    Beyond grand gestures, is your ex really remorseful about the incident that caused the split? Are they ready to change for the better or work towards fixing that bad habit? Are you ready to forgive? Answering these questions will help you decide if rekindling the relationship is an option for you.

  • The breakup was over trivial issues

    Sometimes, a break up might happen because someone may have overreacted.

    It could be faults were exaggerated in the heat of the moment when emotions are frayed. When the dust settles, a new understanding of the other person’s feelings and intentions might come into play. That could be the time to have another conversation.



  • You cannot get them out of your head

    There are times when you have to go with your gut. You may have this certainty about a future with someone and it may be worth taking a leap of faith. You don’t want to be haunted by regrets and what-ifs?

  • Objective voices vouch for them

    Sometimes we are so wrapped in our feelings and we misinterpret real-life situations. It is possible that we sometimes don’t judge others fairly. Speak to people who love you and have your interests at heart to weigh in on your decision. They are more likely to see things clearly and be more objective about your options.

  • Distance is no longer an issue

    Long-distance is a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Many have lost good relationships over distance. If fate shines on you and your partner and you happen to be located in the same city after a breakup, it could be another chance to make the relationship work.

    There is a caveat here though if destiny takes you away, you may lose your lover again.

  • They are willing to commit

    A lot of people have had to end relationships because their love interest did not want to commit towards a future together.

    If you want commitment then you deserve certainty and someone who sees you in their future. If they have reconsidered committing to you, it is okay to consider them after you have fully established that they are there for the long haul.

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