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Passion for change

The Love Matters Naija team represent a new generation of young Nigerians who are passionate about their sexual health and want to bring about change in the country’s attitudes to youth SRHR. LM Naija aims to be a responsive online community where young people can get the pleasure positive and non-judgmental information they need to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. The platform also wants to contribute to building a more inclusive Nigeria for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The strength and vibrancy of Nigeria’s media and its leading position in Africa’s tech landscape strengthen the potential impact of Love Matters Naija’s digital and media-savvy approach.

Love Matters Naija is interestingly amazing as it would always help in handling relationship issues, also maintaining healthy relationships. Love Matters Naija fan Samuel Olokpo

(C) Love Matters | Kolawole Akinwande

Talking the talk

The local team is comprised of young media professionals with a background in sexual health. There is also a diverse network of contributors across the country, experienced in writing about love, sex and relationships. They use a conversational tone of voice to that is relatable to a young audience and social media posts are liberally sprinkled with slang and local languages which encourages the audience to share and engage with the content.

As well as the website and Facebook, LM Naija is active on Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and YouTube. Regular spots on local radio stations help widen the reach to those who may have limited or no online access.

Sexual health is very important topic, and Love Matters removes the taboo around the subject by making it relatable and informative. Love Matters Naija fan Margaret Agwu

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SRHR for all

With AmplifyChange funding, LM Naija is implementing the Rights, evidence, action – amplifying youth voices programme (REA) which promotes acceptance of SRHR for young people including LGBT persons. The REA programme is a collaboration between Love Matters and CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality. Love Matters’ digital media approach complements CHOICE’s youth-led advocacy activities. Implemented together with local partners Education as a Vaccine,  Equality Triangle Initiative and Increse , the REA programme advocates for inclusive SRHR both via mainstream media and policy mechanisms at the national, regional and international level.

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