Things to know before getting a Tubal ligation

Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure whereby a woman’s fallopian tubes are cut or tied to prevent an egg from passing from the ovaries to the uterus, which in turn prevents pregnancy.

Tubal ligation is permanent birth control. It’s more commonly known as “getting your tubes tied”. There are several reasons why a woman can decide to get a tubal ligation procedure. From a decision not to have kids at all, or having all the kids you want, the decision is solely up to her and her partner. Tubal ligations are very simple procedures with zero to no complications, but there are a few things you should know before getting one.

  • The Cost

    Tubal ligations approximately cost about N800,000 to almost half a million naira, depending on where you go get the procedure done. You can also find out if your health insurance can cover the procedure.

  • It is permanent.

    Unlike other forms of birth control that can be stopped or removed, tubal ligations are permanent. Reversals are possible, but statistically, only half of women who undergo reversal procedures can get pregnant afterwards.

  • It is effective

    Due to the permanence of the procedure, tubal ligations are 99% effective in preventing pregnancies. Only one in 200 women get pregnant after a procedure. That’s less than 1%. It is also an effective form of birth control because once you get it, that’s all you have to do. You don’t have to remember to take any pills etc.

  • It does not prevent STDs

    One thing to know about tubal ligations is that it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. All it prevents are pregnancies, so if you are not in a committed relationship with a trusted partner, use condoms to prevent STDs.

  • It can lead to ectopic pregnancy

    In very rare cases, an egg that is stuck in the fallopian tube can get fertilised and result in an ectopic pregnancy, causing the tube to burst and cause severe bleeding. If this happens, the person will need surgery right away to fix the damage.

All in all, tubal ligations are a foolproof way of preventing pregnancies, and it is always good to be armed with all the information you need about the procedure before making a final decision.

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