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10 Signs of Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Relationship Problems
Emotional abuse can be complicated and tough to understand, navigate, and identify. Unlike physically abusive relationships, where there is concrete evidence of violence and distress, emotional abuse is more sophisticated—the warning signs may seem ambiguous, psychological but it is just as damaging.

Poor knowledge of contraception may explain high rate of unwanted pregnancies

Choosing the right birth control
A 2013 survey by The DHF Program says that 29.1 per cent of young girls in Nigeria have given birth before they turned 18. It also states that 29.0 per cent of girls between 15 and 19 are sexually active.

What You Need to Know About The Sexual Harassment Bill

Sexual Harassment
The Sexual harassment bill in Nigeria hopes to address the issue of sexual harassment of students in tertiary institutions. Here is all you need to know about it.

Safe ways to have sex during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ways to Make Love
COVID19 has indisputably changed the way we live, disrupting every facet of our daily lives including sex.