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Gaslighting in relationships

Relationship Problems
Gaslighting involves undermining someone else’s reality by blatantly denying facts, their environment, or their feelings. In simpler terms, it is when someone knowingly makes you think that you are crazy or that you don’t know what you are doing or talking about when all they want is to control you.

Loving someone in a relationship

Meeting Someone
“You can’t choose who you love.” You have probably heard that statement before and thought, oh please, that is what people that cheat always say. Well, you have to have gone through it to understand how true that statement is.

Should you try mutual masturbation during sex?

Ways to Make Love
Okay, you have probably flicked the bean or burped the worm at some point or other in your sexual life. Those weird terms mean masturbating, by the way, you can laugh, they are ridiculous.

10 Sex Positions That Would Make Your Partner Want More

Ways to Make Love
For some couples, sex is an integral part of their relationship and it is very important to shake things up to have an exciting sex life.

10 Natural Tips To Boost Your Libido

Ways to Make Love
A lot of comments and questions we get is how couples can find ways to enhance their sex lives. Looking to boost your libido? This might come in handy.

Tips and tricks to keep an erection for longer

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
It could be stress-related or even performance anxiety - not to worry, these tips will help you maintain your erections and enhance your sex life.

Is your Quarantineship real?

Meeting Someone
Coronavirus is slowly becoming the reality of lots of people all over the world. The virus made it necessary for a total lockdown in many countries, and Nigeria did not escape the lockdown train.

A man's guide to shaving pubic hair

Male Body
Shaving your privates could be a delicate personal hygiene process that requires a steady hand and needs to be done properly and often.

Relationship Milestones: Should you celebrate everything?

Happy Relationships
At one point or the other in your life, you or someone you know has been labelled part of that “annoyingly in love couple”. The ones that post pictures of their significant other every day on social media with captions like “Every day with you is heavenly” or “I am so lucky to have you my LOML *heart emoji”.

5 things to know about oral sex

Ways to Make Love
Oral sex is something a lot of Nigerians do not like to discuss, especially in public spaces. This is changing now of course, which is a really interesting development.