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How to handle a pregnancy scare

Before Pregnancy
Have you engaged in sexual activity and wondered if you ended up being pregnant? How did that make you feel? This article discusses pregnancy scares and how to handle them.

Dating while Plus Size

Meeting Someone
Dating in the 21st century seems like a herculean task and it can be a bit difficult when you are plus size for a myriad of reasons - including expectations from society.

COVID-19 friendly date ideas for you and your partner

Meeting Someone
Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many young people have felt limited with options on how to have exciting dates through the pandemic. However, here are some ideas you can check out with your partner.

A guide to calculating your safe period

Female Body
Bernadette looked down at the home pregnancy test kit she held in her hands. Two lines meant positive; she was pregnant. She was not ready to be a parent, and neither was Ayo. Even though they were in a committed relationship, they had discussed their plans and a baby did not fit into the immediate plans.

What to do if you have been raped

Sexual Harassment
When it comes to rape or sexual assault, it is important to remember that it is never your fault and we are determined to help you through this process.

How to keep your love alive during the pandemic

Happy Relationships
The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant measures of social distancing and lockdown has strained many relationships and threatened their survival.

My friend has been raped; how do I help?

Sexual Harassment
Vivian opened the door to a tearful and blubbering Mabel. After calming her down, she gleaned that Mabel had just been drugged and raped at a party she attended. Vivian was confused on the next course of action, but she did her best to console her friend.