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"I can't get it up": A conversation about Erectile Dysfunction

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Erectile Dysfunction, the inability of a man to obtain and/or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, is more common in Nigeria than folks would like to admit. 

Call Me by My Pronoun

Gender Diversity
“They’re always changing it. One second its LGBT and the next, you’re seeing all 26 alphabets and you don’t even know what they stand for. I don’t have a problem with them. It’s just a lot you know – I can’t keep up,” said my co-worker during a heated conversation. While her statement might be offensive, it also mirrors the myopic thought process most people have when the discourse is geared towards gender identity and sexual orientation.

What it means to be Asexual and Nigerian

Sexual Orientation
From the time Yinka was 16 years old, he already had a strong feeling that something was different. Even though a majority of his hormone-led secondary school friends had begun to brazenly explore their sexualities and the gratification that came from varying sexual activities, Yinka just wasn’t roused by the thought or desire to have sex.

Navigating sex with a new partner

Ways to Make Love
So you met each other online or maybe at the game night your friend guilt-tripped you into attending. There was light flirting and eventually, numbers were exchanged. You even survived the app where relationships go to die – WhatsApp – and now, after several hot and heavy make-out sessions that have left holes in your pants, you’re ready to make the next move.