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Sex secrets women don't tell

Ways to Make Love
A lot of men will agree that they sometimes wish they could read women's minds during sex, like the Mel Gibson movie “What Women Want”, and it is frankly understandable. Centuries of being told to be modest, when it comes to sex, has made a lot of women prone to lying or simply not divulging their thoughts or feelings about sex.

Can men fake orgasms too?

Can men, like women, fake orgasms too? The answer is yes. It is rare, of course. You're more likely to find a woman faking an orgasm than a man. The reason isn't so hard to grasp either.

Why do women fake orgasms?

It is widely known by now that a lot of times, women fake orgasms. Considering the fact that the idea of participating in sex in the first place is to get a release, a lot of people are confused about why anyone will pretend to have gotten release, when they, in fact, didn't.

How to maintain a healthy pregnancy

Being Pregnant
Pregnancies can be tricky, as each comes with a different challenge. It's important to be as thorough as possible when dealing with any pregnancy, as the smallest detail can make a whole difference.

How to navigate sex during pregnancy

Being Pregnant
Many women always ask about the possibilities of having sex when they are expecting as a lot of them worry about hurting the baby. Do you have similar or the same questions? Not to worry, we got you covered.

How to attain sexual satisfaction while social distancing

Ways to Make Love
With a pandemic affecting almost every part of the globe, it has become necessary to keep your distance from other people - and that comes with its unique challenges.

Women’s guide to orgasms

"Only 1 in 10 women get orgasms from penetration." I used to think only circumcised women had difficulty getting orgasms regardless of sexual activity. One problem is a lot of women have not realized sex goes beyond penetration.

Polyamory vs Open Relationships

Happy Relationships
Many people conflate polyamory with open relationships. A polyamorous relationship isn't necessarily open unless everyone involved agrees that they should see other people.

Five tips for buying sex toys

Ways to Make Love
A lot of people who wish to explore other ways of sexual satisfaction, do not want to have to find partners that they will have to teach everything, including the right angles and movements, to get them sexually satisfied.