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Navigating grief with a romantic partner

Relationship Problems
2020 has been a year of extended grief. Among many other things that have happened this year, we’ve had the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdowns, the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, the spate of violence against women, the most recent ENDSARS protests and the killings, lootings and intense sadness that followed. For many people, there has been at least one issue—for most, it has been all—that was intensely triggering.

Help! My partner is not satisfying me sexually

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Are you having issues with sex in your relationship? Is the lack of sexual chemistry causing a strain in your relationship? Then this article is for you.

A novice’s guide to a first date

Meeting Someone
First dates are a chance to make a good first impression and it is important that everyone brings their A-game. Getting ready for that first date? We have you covered.

Everything you need to know about Body Odour

Our Bodies
Body odours, the unpleasant smell that bodies, or parts of one's bodies — pubic region, armpits, mouths, feet — give off, don't need a definition. There's a likelihood that you have already experienced it — gone on a date or had sex with someone who had a body odour.

How to shoot your shot online

Meeting Someone
Meeting new people isn't always easy especially when you want to ask them out on a date. We know sliding into DMs can be tasking so we have come up with tips to help you shoot your shot online.